Corelli Concerti Grossi

Recorded at the Holland Festival of Early Music in Utrecht in celebration of the recent Corelli 350th anniversary year, this groundbreaking disc presents Corelli's musical aesthetic and soundworld in a whole new light.

This is the first recording of the classic orchestral works, the Concerti Grossi, to use Corelli's own, large scale orchestration and orchestra, rich Italiante improvisation and a full and varied continuo section (including baroque guitars, baroque lutes, archlutes, theorbos, harpsichords and organs). The resulting, incredibly full and rich musical soundworld resonates entirely with the visual splendour of Rome in the period - as can be seen, for example, in the paintings by Corelli's late 17th century Roman colleagues (and friends) including Trevisani and Vanvitelli. 

The recording also celebrates the Dutch 18th century music publisher, E. Roger, who published these works for the first time in 1714, championing these compositions and disseminating them throughout Europe. As a result, Corelli's Concerti Grossi became some of the most popular and reprinted orchestral works of the entire 18th century and remain, still today, absolute classics of the Italian High Baroque.

Simon Murphy Corelli NDA

Simon Murphy and the NDA perform and record Corelli's Concerti Grossi at the 2003 Holland Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht in the Vredenburg Grote Zaal.

What the critics say: 

“When it came to his orchestral music, size mattered for Corelli …These accounts by the New Dutch Academy, a big band playing on period instruments, reflect the best of both worlds. Its sound is sumptuous, but textures are sufficiently transparent to allow details to cut through, and the historically informed approach includes stylish ornamentation and a battery of continuo instruments which would surely have delighted the composer. … director Simon Murphy infuses these accounts with subtle jazz-like touches: swinging rhythms, inventive extemporisations and vigorous guitar strumming effects.” (BBC Music Magazine, UK)

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