Dutch National State Broadcaster (NPS) portraits Simon Murphy and NDA

The Dutch National State Broadcaster (NPS) is profiling conductor Simon Murphy and The Hague’s Baroque Orchestra “The New Dutch Academy” with an exclusive live CD of symphonic works by Beethoven, Haydn and Wranitzky.

The live concert recording of Murphy and The New Dutch Academy (NDA) was singled out by Dutch Radio as a highlight of the radio’s recording activities over the past season. Selected out of hundreds of concert recordings made by the NPS, the NDA recording stood out due to the highly engaging atmosphere of the performance – identified as a hallmark of the performing style of Murphy and the NDA.

The CD is produced by the NPS in co-operation with the Dutch music magazine “Luister”, the premiere music magazine in the Low Countries, enjoying a readership in excess of 20,000. The live recording portrays the work of Murphy and The New Dutch Academy Orchestra – the new generation of specialist Dutch early music performers – in vibrant concert action.

The CD captures Murphy and The New Dutch Academy Orchestra (which performs exclusively on authentic instruments) performing Beethoven Symphony no 1 and Haydn’s Symphony no 104 “London” as well as other orchestral music by a contemporary and friend of Beethoven and Haydn, composer and conductor Paul Wranitzky. Wranitzky conducted the first performance of Beethoven’s Symphony no 1 (dedicated to Baron Gottfried van Swieten) and the Viennese premiere of Haydn’s “The Creation”. The NDA concert documented on the CD took place in the Grote Zaal of the Rotterdam Concert Hall, De Doelen in December 2007.

The live disc is available exclusively in the May 2010 issue of “Luister”, edition 666.

The disc is volume 5 in a NPS/Luister set documenting live performances of note in the Netherlands.

NDA Murphy NPS Live CD Beethoven Haydn Wranitzky NPS maakt klassiek vol 5

The NDA is further profiled in the May edition of the magazine with six pages being devoted to the activities of the New Dutch Academy, including an article on the NDA’s newest commercial recording, the world premiere CD of symphonies from the 18th century Court of Orange in The Hague – works by Graaf, Stamitz, Schwindl and Zappa.



Listen to the Live Recording:

The Performers:

Simon Murphy Conductor, The New Dutch Academy Orchestra (on authentic instruments): Violin Stephen Freeman (Concertmaster), Sara DeCorso, Barbara Erdner, Mario Konaka, Aira-Maria Lehtipuu, Anu Gehlert, Gabrielle Wunsch, Miranda Hutton, Antina Hugosson, Lina Söderholtz, Frouke Mooij, Joanna Huszcza, Viola Gudrun Hardardottir, Roos Al, Els Goossens, Violoncello Hanna Loftsdottir, Caroline Kang, Nina Hitz, Marjolein Cambon, Double Bass Christian Staude, Benoît Vanden Bemden, Vega Montero Sanchez de las Matas, Tomoki Sumiya, Fortepiano Yoshi Kazama, Oboe Anna Starr, Lidewei de Sterck, Flute Georgia Browne, Wim Vandenbossche, Clarinet Nicole van Bruggen, Martine Belderok, Bassoon Jani Sunnarborg, Yukiko Murakami, Horn Bart Aerbeydt, Kerstin Ripa, Trumpet Geerten Rooze, Mark Geelen, Tympani Norbert Pflanzer

Track Listing:

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827) Symphony no. 1 in C Op. 21 (1799/1800) (Dedicated to Baron Gottfried van Swieten)

1. Adagio molto-Allegro con brio 2. Andante cantabile con moto 3. Menuetto (Allegro molto e vivace) 4. Adagio-Allegro molto e vivace 

Joseph Haydn (1732 - 1809) Symphony no. 104 in D “London” (1795)

5. Adagio-Allegro 6. Andante 7. Menuet (Allegro) 8. Finale (Spiritoso)  

Paul Wranitzky (Pavel Vranicky) (1756 - 1808) from Symphony Op. 52 in D (1804)

9. Finale Vivace Assai

Recorded live in the Grote Zaal of De Doelen (Symphony Hall), Rotterdam on 11 December 2007. Pitch A=430Hz. Fortepiano: Rosenberger, Wenen c. 1800, from the collection of Edwin Beunk, Enschede.

NDA Applause Doelen 2007 

Simon Murphy NDA Doelen 2007