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This special concert celebrates the 18th century Cello with music for one, two and three cellos by Bach, Vivaldi, Abel, Boccherini and Zappa performed by the NDA's Hanna Loftsdottir and Caroline Kang. The NDA's director, Simon Murphy, will perform Bach's 6th Suite on the successful reconstruction of Bach's own Cello - the Violoncello Piccolo - a 5 string instrument also known as the Viola da Spalla or "Baby Cello". The programme honours WF Bach in his birthday year, featuring music by several composers close to the master.

Saturday 29 May 2010, Theater Diligentia Den Haag, 20:15

Cellorama – Cello Solos, Duos and Trios

A celebration of the 18th century cello with Music for Cellos by teachers, students, friends and contemporaries of WF Bach

NDA Chamber Soloists featuring Simon Murphy on “Bach’s Cello” (Violoncello Piccolo) together with Hanna Loftsdottir Baroque Cello, Caroline Kang Baroque Cello, Karl Nyhlin Baroque Lute/Baroque Guitar

JS Bach Cello Suite no VI in D
Cello Sonatas by FW Rust, Vivaldi, Telemann and Boccherini
Cello Duos by CF Abel and J Klein
Cello Trios by Francesco Zappa

NDA Chamber Series
Tickets: Kassa Theater Diligentia T 0900 – 4104104

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